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SPS Roofing Exeter

About Single Ply Structures, Exeter

We strive to be recognised as a quality, service driven business. Our aim is to be the number one choice for Single Ply Roofing (Flat Roofing) and in all the channels we operate within.

With over a combined 25 years of experience , backed up with relevant roofing qualifications our customers can rest assured that they are in the hands of the professionals. At SPS Roofing we are roofing and waterproofing specialists based in Exeter who have over a long period of time built an experienced, professional and reputable business.

We are an approved contractor for many superior, high quality, warranty backed, roofing materials and you can be assured of a professional, high standard of workmanship. We also guarantee our workmanship.

At SPS we have re-roofed many homes in Exeter and the South West area. We guarantee only the best service and quality on all of our services.

SPS flat roofing Exeter Over 25 years experience and relevant qualifications
SPS Roofing Exeter Up to 25 years warranty on workmanship and materials
SPS Roofing Devon Any design, scale or function - We can help

With most of our roofing services coming with a up to 10-25 year warranty on workmanship and materials, you can feel safe knowing you are in the hands of the professionals.

We have a big commitment to our customers and have expertise in roof installation and maintenance of all types of roofing systems. As skilled roofing contractors we are proud of the high standard that we continue to achieve and are confident that we provide professional, efficient and competitive roofing in Exeter and the South West. Customer satisfaction has been, and will remain, our priority because we depend on you.

To find out more about complete flat roofing and general roofing services, contact us at our Exeter office.


SPS Roofing Exeter

SPS Flat Roofing Exeter
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